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Prezi is similar to a PowerPoint in that they are both presentation tools, but that is where their similarities end. 

Prezi Presentations are created on a "canvas" rather than on "slides". This helps to encourage focusing on combining text, pictures and video clips. Items on the canvas can be dragged, tilted, and zoomed to create an engaging look that really grabs students attention. Prezi Presentations are also FANTASTIC for hitting many learning styles at once (especially if you include video clips and pictures like I do) 

I personally like incorporating video clips in my Prezis as much as possible (the kids enjoy that as well). I think it is also beneficial for students to see the literary elements we discuss in class brought to life in video clips and in pictures. 

If you would like to see an example of a Prezi for free you can check out my free listing Learning styles Prezi 
Download this Prezi and see what it is all about!

This is a Prezi that I made for my mother who teaches 2nd grade. In Virginia the SOLs state that the students will learn about Ancient Egypt. In paticular: Architecture, Written Language, Contributions to the modern world (inventions), Climate, and Land. 

The prezi includes information about all of the above (including what the word contribution means) in a fun and exciting way. I made sure that all the videos were simple enough for a 2nd grader to understand and love but still interesting enough for older grade levels (I would be able to show this to my 8th graders and they would enjoy it)

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

**Note: This prezi was too large to house here on TPT so your download will be a link to the prezi online! (You can make edits to it if necessary this way as well. I just ask that you set the prezi to PRIVATE)

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