When does subscribing to a $49.95 premium
shop make sense for a teacher?
The financial benefit of subscribing to a one-time $49.95 fee Premium Shop depends on the amount of products a teacher sells and the average price of each product. The more sales that are made, the more likely a premium shop delivers more profit than a free shop. To help illustrate this, the following scenarios demonstrate two instances when a premium shop subscription makes financial sense.**
SCENARIO 1 - Teacher Jane
120 transactions
X Average product sale price: $2.00
$240 in total sales from her teacher shop
Teacher Jane earns: $216.00 (85% of total sales) $180.00 (75% of total sales)
Transaction Fee (-$0.00)
(120 transactions X $0.30)
Final Teacher Jane Earnings $216.00 $144.00
One-Time Set-Up Fee $49.95 None
Final Profits $166.05 $144.00
In the scenario above, Jane makes a larger profit with a premium shop, even with the one-time $49.95 subscription cost factored in. And going forward, Jane will always profit more from a premium shop than a free shop because of the lower transaction fees and commissions.

**The scenarios here illustrate two possible combination of transactions X average product price for demonstration purposes only and are not intended to represent or guarantee sales results for a teacher shop.

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Premium Shop
Free Shop
Setup fee
$49.95 one-time setup fee
Fee to list a product in your shop
Your Profit
85% royalty on your sales
75% royalty on your sales
Transaction Fees
$0.30 per transaction
TN Marketing and Promotional Tools & Tips
Customer Support
Payments to you twice a month
2% of payment or $1 (whichever is less)
2% of payment or $1 (whichever is less)
Shop promotional widgets for your blog
Pinterest pinning of your shop products
More details on both shop plans
  • We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and Dwolla
  • All digital purchases are instant downloads. No waiting required!
  • We provide first line support to your customers
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Visitors to our site can browse by category, price, and shop. When they find the desired product at your shop and decide to purchase, your shop account is credited for the sale.

Most notable, Premium Shops receive 85% of each sale!

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