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March Math (counting sets to 20, 3 addends, number bonds to 20)

March Math includes 25 pages of math fun (counting and adding) for numbers 11-20.

Skills included:

5 pages of counting sets 1-20: At the bottom of each of these 5 pages, there is one word problem to find the missing addend.

5 pages of adding 3 addends (sums to 20)

15 pages of number bonds (sums 7 to 20) At the bottom of each of these 15 pages, there is one word problem to find the missing addend. Three pages of the number bond pages include a hats graphic. Three pages include a pot of gold graphic. Three pages include a leprechaun graphic, Three pages include a shamrock graphic, Three pages include a clover graphic.

These graphics listed above are also used on the 3 addends and counting sets pages as well as some other March graphics such as a ladybug, lion, lamb, dancing girl, coin, horseshoes, flowers, bees, and butterflies.

I hope your students enjoy this March Math pack.

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FREE -- Opinion Writing (bees and ladybugs) FREEBIE

FREE -- Opinion Writing (bees and ladybugs) FREEBIE

This activity is connected to CCGPS ELACCKW1: Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose opinion pieces in which they tell a reader the topic or the name of the book they are "writing" about and state an opinion or preference about the topic or book. The topic for this opinion writing FREEBIE is "insects (bees or ladybugs)." These opinion writing activities are great to put in a writing center for students to choose which pictures to use to give their opinions about or for a mini lesson on opinion writing. This FREEBIE includes one page with picture choices of insects (bees or ladybugs). The page says “Which insect do you like better? Why?” then it has five blank lines for students to write on to tell why they think their choice is the best. Students love telling which item they like better. This activity encourages students to give the reason why they think their choice is better. Teachers can also use these writing activities as a whole class activity. Assigning these activities for a homework assignment can include parents in helping increase their child’s writing skills. However you choose to use these activities, I hope your students develop a love for writing.

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Mo Willems Author Study--A Reading Response Journal for Grades K-2

Kids LOVE Mo Willems books! The characters are funny and easy for kids to make connections with.
In this unit, I have included response pages for many of Mo Willem’s popular books. Typical response pages included making text to self connections or character webs. Also included is a printable journal cover.
To use:
Print out a recording sheet for the books you wish to use.
Staple the cover sheet and pages together and you are ready to go.
I hope you enjoy this packet and studying this fun author!
Books in this unit include (some books have multiple response page choices):
*Response Journal Cover/Author Study Cover
*Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!
*Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!
*Duckling Gets a Cookie!?
*The Pigeon Wants a Puppy!
*Leonardo the Terrible Monster
*That is Not a Good Idea!
*Knuffle Bunny
*Knuffle Bunny Too
*Knuffle Bunny Free
*A Big Guy Took my Ball!
*Let’s Go For a Drive!
*Listen to my Trumpet!
*Happy Pig Day!
*Should I Share My Ice Cream?
*I Broke My Trunk!
*Can I Play Too?
*I Am Going!
*Elephants Cannot Dance!
*I Will Surprise My Friend!
*Are You Ready to Play Outside?
*There is a Bird on Your Head!
*Cat is Cat, Who is That?

Eric Carle Reading Response Journal

Kids enjoy Eric Carle books---the fun characters and the beautiful illustrations. This unit provides a response journal for your students during your Eric Carle author study.
Included in this unit are journal response pages for twelve Eric Carle books. Most books have two response choices.
Books included are:
*The Very Hungry Caterpillar
*Pancakes, Pancakes!
*Do You Want to be my Friend?
*From Head to Toe
*The Grouchy Ladybug
*Mister Seahorse
*The Very Busy Spider
*The Very Lonely Firefly
*The Honeybee and the Robber
*The Very Quiet Cricket
*The Very Clumsy Click Beetle
*The Tiny Seed
A journal cover is also included.
I hope you enjoy the unit!

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St. Patrick`s Day Color by Music Pack

This .Zip file contains the following sets:
St. Patrick`s Day: Color by Note and Symbol Activities
St. Patrick`s Day Color by Treble and Bass Clef Pitches
St. Patrick`s Day: Color by Dynamics.

There are 64 Music coloring pages in total. (20 designs in 3 (or 4 for dynamic coloring pages) different levels).

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Cowboy & Cowgirl Glyph for Your PK-1 Class

This easy to make Cowboy and Cowgirl Glyph is perfect for your PK-1 Class!  It goes well with a cowboy or Texas themed unit.

Included in this package are:
*All patterns (head, hat, bandana, star)
*Glyph questionnaire
*Glyph Key (perfect for your bulletin board display)

Copy all patterns on colored paper.  (May also have students color the pieces instead.)  Copy the optional questionnaire. 
To make:
I suggestion assembling in this order:
1.  Shirt (precut 9”x6” rectangles—light blue for boys/green for girls)
2. Head (copied onto skin colored paper)
3. Bandana (copied onto red and blue construction paper)
4. Use paper scraps for hair and then glue the hat on top.
5. The star (copied onto gray and yellow) can be glued onto the hat or the cowboy/cowgirl’s shirt.

Makes a great bulletin board display!

The "Red Apple Teacher" Shop

Welcome to Red Apple Teacher! I hope you find some fun resources to help with math and literacy centers for Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and First Grade. Most centers come with printable recording sheets for student accountablility.  In my shop, you can find lots of engaging centers for math and literacy as well as educational games.  I also have lots of literacy and math tied to thematic units and holidays. I hope you enjoy and find many useful resources!

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FREEBIE Celebrating 5,000 Likes!

FREEBIE! I’m celebrating a personal Milestone of reaching 5,000 likes on my Facebook page, Dr. Clements’ Kindergarten!! This 5 page freebie is my way of saying “Thanks” for liking and following me on Facebook!

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***This sampler also includes links throughout the pack to similar resources that you may find useful for your classroom. When printing, to save on ink, make sure to only print every other page (even pages). 

I hope you enjoy this freebie! Make sure to find my other freebies in my store!

Sherry Clements